Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Auto Sales,Professional Walk Around by AutoMax Trainer,David Hoier #6

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Sales training done better

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jmac turns the tables on AutoMax Grads homework assignment!

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AutoMax Recruiting and Training and Dave Hoier

Auto Sales,Professional Walk Around by AutoMax Trainer,David Hoier #5

Auto Sales,Professional Walk Around by AutoMax Trainer,David Hoier #4

Auto Sales,Professional Walk Around by AutoMax Trainer,David Hoier #3

Auto Sales,Professional Walk Around by AutoMax Trainer,David Hoier

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Auto Sales Training ...AutoMax Recruiting and Training Style #13

No Inventory /Lots of Inventory...should I hire salespeople?

OK....sooooo you are a dealer that has been affected by a lack of inventory due to world events and your first concern,fear is lack of vehicles to sell,we get that.
Let's talk about what may not seem to be a priority now and the ways it's being handled right now.
1.Hiring freeze,don't need more salespeople to sell blacktop!
2.Let go of salespeople,because you don't want to pay a draw or benefits cause all you have is blacktop.
3.Wait till the cars start to roll in to put on more salespeople....{And they will,soon} less blacktop,more cars
4.Salespeople leave,cause nothing to sell,but....blacktop!
Here is the dilemma with that type of plan,when you are ready to pull the trigger so is your competition and thus the available talent pool pie gets divided by a larger number.
Staff your stores now!
Let's say in your market there are 1000 quality people available to choose from to sell cars now and you are the ONLY Dealer to understand that,your available talent pool to pick from is huge....wait till the inventory hits and now that same 1000 quality people is divided up by 5 other dealers?...10,15? Do the math.
Our technology,manpower and experience can help you take advantage of this current opportunity.
Ok....sooooo you are a dealer that has NOT been affected by lack of inventory and you can't see any blacktop anywhere on your property,how are you handling staffing?
1.You are using AutoMax Recruiting and Training to assist you[Great move}
2.You picked up a couple of "vets" from the stores with no inventory
3.You know you should take advantage of this current opportunity but you a just a little gun shy due to 08 and 09 still
4.Salespeople that you currently have will leave when the dealers with no inventory now,get inventory soon.
Your opportunity,same as above,staff now and as my dad used to say in the summer,"It's time to make hay while the sun's shinning"